In order for WordPatch to perform various tasks, first-time users will be required to configure their rescue settings. Before continuing, please read "What is the rescue script and why do I need one?"

Notes for Reconfiguration of Rescue Settings

Please note that reconfiguring your rescue settings means that you most likely need to reactivate your WordPatch license.

Navigating to the Rescue Configuration Wizard

Head to the WordPatch settings page and scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Configure Rescue Script button. If this is not your first time configuring the rescue settings, the button will instead be labeled Re-configure Rescue Script.

Rescue Configuration Settings

Once presented with the Rescue Configuration Wizard, use the inputs on the page to specify settings for the website’s rescue script. In most cases, WordPatch is able to determine the majority of the settings automatically from the run-time environment.

Rescue Script Path

The rescue script path is the path (relative to the WordPress installation root directory) which the rescue script will be written/read from.

Most of the time this is: wp-admin/wordpatch-rescue.php

Validate & Save Settings

Once you have specified your rescue settings, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Next. Your settings will be validated and you will be asked to click Next once more to save the settings permanently.