After you purchase WordPatch, you will be able to easily manage your license and installations by going to the My Subscription section of the My Account page on the JointByte website. Here you will be able to view and regenerate your license key, view your license status, and manage your installations of WordPatch.

License Key

Under the subscription information, you will find your WordPatch license key. You will use this key to activate WordPatch. For detailed instructions on activating WordPatch, please refer to the Getting Started guides.


The Regenerate button will regenerate your license key, which invalidates your previous key and generates a new one for you. This feature is especially useful for people managing multiple clients’ sites: They can activate a client’s site and then regenerate the license key so that the client cannot use that key on another site. Regenerating a license key is quick and there are no limitations to how many times you may regenerate a key.

License Status

Under your license key, you will find how many installations of WordPatch you have used from your total license capacity. For example, if you have installed WordPatch on two different sites and you have the Business license, which has a 25-site capacity, it will say “2/25 sites used”.

Managing Installations

Under the license status, you will find your list of Installations. The first column displays the Domain of the site that the installation resides on. The second column displays the Status of the installation; if it is enabled, it will also display the date and time when it was enabled. The third column displays the Actions you can perform on the installation.

If the installation is enabled, it will contain a button to disable it.

If the installation is disabled, it will contain a button to enable it and delete it. Disabling an installation disables functionality of WordPatch for that installation, while also freeing up space for another installation on your license.

Deleting an installation is permanent. If you need to enable an installation that you deleted, you will need to go through the WordPatch activation process again.