This guide will walk you through the Mailbox page for WordPatch. If you have not yet configured your Mailer, please read the Getting Started guide, or the more detailed Mailer Configuration Settings guide.


The purpose of the Mailbox page is to give a combined overview of all mod email notifications. While the Logs page provides a historical overview for specific mods, this page is a great way to view the history of all mods. This page lists all emails sent by WordPatch. Specifically, it lists the following types of emails:

  • Test emails - sent by the Send Test Mail button

  • Mod completed emails - sent when a mod has completed successfully

  • Mod failed emails - sent when a mod has failed

Each email in the list contains the email’s subject line, and the datetime of when the email was sent.


You can view a preview of the email by clicking the subject line, or by clicking the View Mail button to the right.

The page that it takes you to features a fully rendered HTML preview of the email, providing an easy means of viewing the email contents.

Test Mail

Because emails are so instrumental in the WordPatch judgement process, it is very important that your mailer is properly configured and tested. To send a test email, you can use the Send Test Mail button in the top right corner of the page.

It is recommend that you test your mailer regularly, and especially after updates to WordPress or plugins, to ensure continuity. A test email will include a unique identifier in the email’s subject line for easier tracking. If you experience any issues with your mailer, please refer to our FAQ.