WordPatch automatically applies custom modifications (patches) for any of the following reasons:

  • WordPress is updated automatically.
  • WordPress has upgraded one or more themes and/or plugins.
  • The user has instructed WordPatch to apply one or more mods.

When WordPatch attempts to apply custom modifications, it will either succeed or fail to patch the appropriate files, and will then send the site administrator an email containing the following information:

  • The mod or mods that WordPatch attempted to apply.
  • The reason that WordPatch attempted to apply these mods.
  • A list of the mods that have failed, along with as much information as possible for each failed update.
  • Depending on the mode set by the user, either an “approve” link (when in Pessimistic Mode) or a “disapprove” link (in Optimistic Mode, WordPatch’s default setting) for each successful mod.

WordPatch supports a variety of different patch files, including Unix patch files, Git patch files, and many others.