More than 75 million websites – approximately 25 percent of all sites worldwide – manage their content through WordPress, the most popular content management system (CMS). Yet, as popular and useful as WordPress is, developers who use it are routinely required to make custom modifications to WordPress themes and plugins due to additional requirements for their websites.

How does WordPatch solve this problem?

WordPatch allows for automatic updating of custom modifications whenever there are updates to the WordPress platform, as well as updates to themes and plugins. WordPatch works by tapping into the WordPress update process and reapplying custom modifications automatically, providing a seamless update experience. In the unlikely event that this process fails, there are safeguards in place that will enable WordPatch to roll back this process, through a time-based rule for administrator intervention as well as an automatic scan of common resolvable services URLs. WordPatch has been designed with portability in mind, being fully functional even on restricted shared hosting environments.