Even though WordPatch will automatically apply our changes the next time WordPress updates itself or any of the installed themes or plugins, we can also choose to apply the changes manually.

1. To do so, simply click the Run Mod button on your mod from the Mods page.

When running mods through the WordPress admin panel, you will be automatically redirected to the WordPatch Rescue Panel. Don’t be alarmed—this is normal. The reason this happens is because WordPatch automatically puts WordPress in maintenance mode while changes are being applied. By redirecting you to the Rescue Panel, WordPatch allows you to manage your installation even while in maintenance mode and even if your WordPress installation got corrupted.

Once you’re back to the Mods page, you’ll notice that the mod you selected to run has a new status indicator. A mod currently goes through the following stages:

  1. Pending
  2. Running
  3. Judging
  4. Finished

After a mod has finished running, it will either switch directly to the Finished stage, or it will go into the Judging stage, based on your configuration settings. During the Judging stage, an administrator is required to review the changes made by the mod, verify that everything is working as intended, and either accept or confirm the changes.

Judging the Mod

When a mod is in the Judging stage, WordPatch will present you with a Judge Mod button.

1. Simply click the Judge Mod button to see any relevant changes and a log of actions performed while running the mod.

2. Scrolling down, you will find two buttons: Reject Log and Accept Log. Clicking Reject Log will make WordPatch revert any changes applied by that mod, while clicking Accept Log will confirm the changes and finalize the process. Click the Accept Log button and you’re done!

You now know how to use WordPatch. You can find more detailed information on the various WordPatch features and functionality in our Knowledge Base.